Performing Workshop American Psalmody

Hybrid Performing Workshop

Presented with JxJ, a multidisciplinary arts project that encompasses the 29th Jewish Film Festival and the 20th Washington Jewish Music Festival alongside original cutting-edge hybrid arts programming – all presented as one massive three-week experience, throughout Washington, DC.
Room CR-2
Enrique V. Iglesias Conference Center
12:30 – 1:30 pm

This workshop incorporates scholarly investigation and creative endeavor!

Using varied musical forms, the artists behind the Book of J – Julia Eisenberg and Jeremiah Lockwood- investigate with participants the intertwined threads of Jewish and Christian sacred music as it relates to social justice, civil rights, and human rights movements through today.

You will be introduced to archival research and artistic exploration to get your creative juices flowing. Exercises include vocal work, improvisational games, sonic movement, rhythm building, tonal expansions, simple compositional structures, and writing response sessions. You will create your own sonic performance in response to archival material! Limited to 30 participants.