Osvaldo Sequeira

Costa Rica

Among the various cultural expressions of Costa Rica, the visual arts have always been a means of aesthetic expression with profound roots.  Since the times of pre-Columbian art, the indigenous culture left a legacy that continued to be reflected in the history and arts of Costa Rica, with a deep cultural heritage. This is how the evolution of Costa Rican art occurred slowly over the centuries until it reached its current image through many changes along with the avant-garde proposals that began to manifest themselves in the middle of the last century, opening the doors to new means of expression in the visual arts of Costa Rica in the XXI century.

Osvaldo Sequeira’s first solo exhibition in the IDB SA Art Gallery presents a new collection of works by this multidisciplinary artist who received the National Painting Prize “Francisco Amighetti” in 2019. His works have been displayed in many countries, including Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and Colombia. Sequeira is one of the founders of the graphic arts academy “Santa Grafica” in San José, where he also serves as a professor.

Mónica Medina-Porro, Co-Curator
IDB Staff Association Art Gallery

To describe Osvaldo Sequeira’s work, we start with his origins. This multifaceted Costa Rican artist began his career in the visual arts at a young age when he discovered drawing as a means of expression that would become his language for life.

Sequeira describes himself as a precocious and unusual child who discovered his unconditional love for art at the age of eight. At twelve years old, he obtained his first scholarship to study drawing and animation, and at the end of his baccalaureate, he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts to study graphic design.  During his student years, Sequeira realized that he needed to break with many of the concepts he learned to refine his visual language as well as to capture his ideas in his paintings, which he later uses subjectively through the introduction of still planes, incorporated from his experience in the world of television and animation. Blending the graphic arts with drawing and painting results in a vast production of works that this artist has created for many years, including this series of works presented in the IDB SA Art Gallery.

“Ser Humano” (“Human Being”) is based on a collection of works that Osvaldo Sequeira previously executed entitled “Cinemática,” which is also part of this exhibition. Through his deep knowledge of drawing and painting, Sequeira creates a dialogue where the internal connects with the external and where spaces multiply incessantly, making their way between planes and transparencies, inviting us to meet mysterious and timeless characters that he strips of everything superficial, leaving the line as the only protagonist on the bare surface of the work.

Thus, these compositions reflect our reality and lead us to discover another vision of the “Human Being,” where the image evolves through dynamic repetition using intimate and imperceptible spaces that constantly represent infinity. Perhaps Sequeira leaves us a hidden message to be deciphered or a question to ask ourselves of our existence as part of a vast universe of which we are a part and yet which we are still only beginning to learn.

Alfredo Ratinoff
External Curator

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