Opening: The Real Distance/ Eduardo Cardozo (Uruguay)

One of the leading contemporary Uruguayan artists: Artfronts

Suggestions of a remembered landscape inspire these new works by Eduardo Cardozo, inviting us to enter reality through reflections. Leaves, branches, twigs swept by the wind, or objects that randomly appear into the paintings disturb the dreamlike echo – infused by his limited palette – between the real images and their reflections. Cardozo’s use of universal clouds, vast sky, and puddles connect us to other points of the earth. His palette of calming colors is imbued with a feeling of restraint that whispers rather than shouts.

Eduardo Cardozo visited Washington, DC during the fall last year. He enjoyed the intimacy of the city, and was inspired by his walks through Georgetown and the city’s parks, by the city’s music, and his encounters with two paintings in particular at the National Gallery of Art that transformed his painting. He is now revisiting this city and its people, offering us anew the reflections of our skies. The serenity of his work in the midst of our busy world envelopes us in an embrace.

IDB Staff Association Art Gallery, the office of the Executive Director for Uruguay at the IDB, and the Embassy of Uruguay present The Real Distance, a solo exhibition by Uruguayan artist Eduardo Cardozo.

Although Cardozo is born in Montevideo and based there, his art is collected worldwide. The artist graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 1990 and later traveled to France and Italy to expand the breadth of his artistic process and scholarship. His work has been featured in dozens of solo and group exhibitions in both private and public institutions, such as the Museum Nacional de Artes Visuales in Uruguay, Praxis Gallery in Buenos Aires, the Museo de América in Madrid, and the Cervantes Institute in Barcelona. The many international awards and prizes he has won are a testament to his artistic brilliance. They include, but are not limited to, the Bicentenary Painting Prize awarded by the Ministerio de Educación y Cultura in Uruguay (2011) and the First Prize at the 51st National Visual Arts Salon (2012).