Opening Mon Zamora (Spain) & Raisa Leao (Brazil) Lens of Adventure: Nature around DC

Nature possesses contextual dimensions, offers a multi-sensory experience and presents itself as a seamless unity. In 2015 we decided to truly experience it. We left our expectations and thousands of human artifacts behind in order to appreciate nature and its beauty around Washington, DC. We spent most of our free time in the nearby mountains: walking, sensing, admiring, noticing details, and learning about its cycles.

This exhibition is the result of these adventures. It invites you to immerse yourself in nature and observe it with full sympathy as being. Through these pictures, Mon and Raisa strive to capture the beauty of particular moments and turn them into mementos to share with us. Each picture has a unique perspective that pulls the spectator into the scene. The photos, however, are only half of the experience; the true exhibition is nature itself, which is out there to be discovered and appreciated.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Mon Zamora graduated in Architecture and discovered his interest in photography during a trip to Patagonia, Chile in 2010. The following year while in New York City, his photography evolved encompassing aspects of urban art, focusing on people, patterns, and art works. Zamora worked for the IDB’s Sustainable Cities Program from 2012 to 2016. As an urbanist and photographer he has traveled across Latin America and the Caribbean to document the great urban challenges that emerging cities face.

In 2015, he met Raisa Leao and they began traveling to explore nature, where he rediscovered his passion for landscape photography. By mixing all of his previous influences, Zamora creates a unique outdoor photography style. He particularly enjoys photographing the Appalachian Mountains west of Washington DC, including the Shenandoah Mountains, where he and Raisa hike, climb, and take backpacking trips.

The book: This exhibition also marks the launching of their book 20 Weekend Trips Close to Washington D.C., which is a project inspired by their outdoor adventures, featuring 20 great outdoor trips around Washington DC. It will help you plan your next adventure at low-cost and make it easy. The book features hikes, trails to waterfalls and breathtaking views, places to camp and watch the sunset, climbing routes, water rafting options, and backpacking trips. Blog

Presented in partnership with the Office of the IDB Executive Director for Brazil, the IDB Alternate Executive Director for Spain and the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC.