Opening: MOLAS: DRESS, IDENTITY, CULTURE – Molas of the Kuna (Guna) of Panama

The IDB Staff Association Art Gallery, the Office of the Executive Director for Panama at the IDB and the Embassy of Panama present Molas: Dress, Identity, Culture, an exhibition showcasing molas sewn and worn by Kuna (Guna) women living in the Kuna Yala islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama.

Molas have become well known souvenirs and collectibles. Curated by Diana Marks, this exhibition includes molas which are in her new book, Molas: Dress, Identity, Culture (University of New Mexico Press), which will be launched at the exhibition opening on 20 October 2016.

Mola blouses are worn by Kuna women as part of their dress. As well as being proudly worn by Kuna women, molas are a source of income. Molas which have been worn are sold and molas are also made for sale.

The molas in the exhibition have been selected around four themes: the natural environment; daily life and leisure; traditional geometric designs; and images inspired by printed material. Some of the molas depict images derived from Latin American and North American popular culture.

The exhibition will appeal to adults and children. There will be a number of 30 minute curator-led tours, during lunchtime and in the early evening.