Opening IDENTITY – Yoce Ramírez (Dominican Republic)

“When I produce my work, I search for the gesture describing an experimental process without defined creative parameters.

My inspiration comes from everything that I see in nature. I enjoy the contrasts between the shades of a range of cool colors without limiting myself in the experimentation of color.

I do not seek to create thematic works. I pursue only what I feel, and this goes from social criticism to self-portrait. I allow the experience of the moment to emerge spontaneously. This is my creative process.

Sometimes the sketch remains in my notebook, and other times it becomes a definite and elaborate work of art. My longing to share my universe leads me to multi creation where I work several pieces in unison.

Identity is a mixture between ethnicity — from the relationship of space with the quest for the self –. It is the projection of social criticisms that currently affect my country. The identity that a few assume.”

Yoce Ramirez has a degree in visual arts from the National School of Visual Arts and the school of design Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic. She has participated in many collective exhibitions, including the 2017 Daily Free Contemporary Art contest. She has obtained recognitions by the International Book Fair in the portrait category and in painting by the National School of Visual Arts. Ramirez won 2nd place in the 3rd Competition of Youth for Values and was a finalist in the Cultural Foundation House Theater contest.