Opening: Estados de Conciencia/States of Consciousness Gaby Herbstein (Argentina)

We are pleased to present with the Embassy of Argentina Estados de Conciencia/States of Consciousness, a solo exhibition of photography by Argentine Gaby Herbstein that is part of FotoWeekDC.

Embarking on a profound inner journey, where she explores herself and her relationship with all other beings, Gaby Herbstein shapes, through images, nearly a treatise about her feelings, skills, and personal quests. And in so doing, she invokes the great surrealist artists, to help us connect immediately with the significance of her art.

The efficacy of her reflection lies in the universality of her search, for it refers to all of us as souls who dwell in this world, blending with others on different levels: with our ego, our thoughts and dreams, our weaknesses, our ability to connect with the other…

Flashes of the everyday unfolding of life, incessantly piercing through us, Gaby invites us to become conscious of them, to take them from the field of thought into the one of action, so that we can shape a better future.

Vicky Salías

Gaby Herbstein is one of Latin America’s most inspiring photographers with a career that spans over 23 years. Her work has been published across Latin America, USA, Russia, China and Japan.

As a child, Gaby dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist and it was by chance that she fell in love with the world of images. Getting behind the lens at the age of 18, she had an unexpected revelation and the rest is history.

Using photography as a means of expression to raise awareness, Gaby Herbstein’s work demonstrates her concern for the wellbeing of the universe, preserving the planet’s beauty, and the worries that arise from her personal experiences and reflections.