Opening AFTER HOURS – Vitor Cavalcanti (Brazil)

In this art exhibit, you will see paintings and collages that I have made during my solo time. After Hours’ works are the result of my free expression, which I have continuously developed over time. These pieces were created with the mere intent of composing non-objective images. This is the reason they do not represent anything but, rather, give you a peek into my abstract world.

The evolution of each art piece brings me immense pleasure: Cutting the fabric, sawing wood, finding colors, making colors, using paintings, solvents, glue, beeswax, paper, pigments, pursuing diverse ultimate results in distinct types of media, such as oil painting, oil pastel, collages and encaustic techniques, etc. My works involve a variety of processes that normally take weeks to complete. Hence, they are influenced by my different states of mind. This exhibit showcases my work and passion, which I created After Hours.

Vitor is a Doctor in Economics who works at the IDB and has found endless possibilities in abstract art. In his experience, non-objective composition -while free from figurative standards- is challenging because the complexity of its elements can be hard to combine to create a desired surface. These unlimited possibilities of the abstract creation are, to him, one of the most beautiful things the painting process offers and have significantly impacted his daily activities, including his work as an economist. He is Brazilian and has lived in Washington, DC for over four years, during which he has deepened his passion for abstract art and its various techniques.