Inauguración: Grabados y Monotipos (Argentina y Chile)

Dora Garraffo’s series of engravings and monotypes create imprints of imagined figures showing their dances. Their spears with wings, their masks, and feathers support them. In some works, parts of the figures come out of the box, inviting the viewer to complete them. The background of these works is rooted deep within them. The world they represent springs from their inner beings and is evident on their skin and in their forms.

Born in Buenos Aires, Dora Garraffo graduated from the Manuel Belgrano National Fine Arts School. Garraffo has exhibited in galleries, cultural centers, and museums in Argentina and the US. She has received awards and prizes in painting and drawing from renowned institutions in Argentina, such as the Manuel Belgrano School, the Avellaneda Fine Arts Salon, and the Society of Sculptors; and abroad, from the Manhattan Art International magazine. She won first prize in drawing at the Autumn Salon, organized by the Society of Artists of Argentina. Her most recent solo exhibitions include the Embassy of Argentina in Washington, DC and the Museo Provincial de Dibujo y Grabado Artemio Alisio in Argentina. Her works appear in numerous galleries and private collections and are part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Engraving in Buenos Aires.

Francisco Cabrera presents a series of engravings, made mostly in metal, showing people central to our societies who are ironically forgotten or undervalued. From day laborers to the peoples of distant native villages, all are represented in his works, as well as landscapes depicting social environments and even historical images.

Born in Santiago in 1985, Francisco Cabrera graduated from the School of Arts at the University of Playa Ancha in Valparaíso and did his graduate studies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. His work has been presented in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the US. His most recent residency was in 2017 at the London Print Studio in the UK. Cabrera has been recognized in a number of juried exhibitions; he most recently received an honorable mention in “The 2nd New York International Miniature Print” in New York City.

Presented with the support of the Offices of the Executive Directors for Argentina and Chile.