Fausto Amundarain

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1992, the work of Fausto Amundarain is characterized by the use and repetition of visual graphics accumulated in multiple layers of information. Paper, acrylic paint, aluminum and silkscreen are some of the techniques and materials Amundarain uses to compose, and sometimes saturate the spectator’s view. From an early age his interest in painting and drawing led him to participate in workshops at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas and the Museum of Fine Arts. In 2010, Amundarain joined Universidad Nueva Esparta in Caracas to study Business Administration and in 2011 he began working in the art workshop Platabanda where his interest for the visual arts flourished. In 2014 he enrolled in The School of Visual Arts in New York. In 2015 he held his first solo exhibition Anonymity in Maracaibo and participated in various group exhibitions in numerous spaces in Caracas. In 2016, his solo exhibition Fragmento Masivo was presented in the spaces of Cerquone Projects in Caracas. In 2017, Amundarain exhibited Over-Stimulated Wear in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (MACZUL) in Venezuela and in 2018 he inaugurated his first solo exhibition in Madrid.