Interior Gardens – A Collection of Poems (Bolivia)

Sara María Vázquez Rivero, a well-known Bolivian poet and writer, was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and then later settled in Cochabamba where she still resides today. She has dedicated her entire life to the art of writing poems which have been critically acclaimed and celebrated by the Bolivian people as well as by critics and other poets. Her many published works include: Tiempo Tuyo (1972), a collection of poems and winner of the National Grand Prize “Franz Tamayo”, 1972; Desde Lejos, first place winner of the National Poetry Award given by the “Society of Writers of Santa Cruz,” La Sombra que me Habita (1993), winner of the Municipal Prize of Culture of Cochabamba, Poema a la Solidaridad Humana “A Teresa de Calcuta” (1999), first prize winner in “Banda del Gay Saber y Kantuta de Oro” of the Floral National Leonistic Games, Sinfonía de Invierno (2001), her favourite, Municipal Award of Literature of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, and Entre la Tarde y la Llovizna (2004), winner of the National Award of Literature in the poetry genre.