Virtual Opening
Contemporary Graphic Arts of Argentina
Thursday October 14, 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. (EST)
Exhibition Dates: October 14, 2021 – March 1, 2022



This exhibition organized by the Centro de Edición in Buenos Aires Argentina presents a collection of works by a group or artists who work in a variety of mediums and approach lithography from the influences of those mediums as well as form the perspective of their creative visions, portraying a wide array of contemporary work.

The process of describing a lithograph invites us to imagine the artist making a gestural stroke with a pencil or brush or creating a wash with a transparent hue on the stone. He then erases with small pebbles of silicon carbide those extraneous lines that do not reflect the original gestures conveying all that magic and emotion running through an ancestral matrix, a 150-million-year-old stone containing endless memories, images, and prints when passing through the press.

When we support a paper on the porous surface of the stone, it bestows upon us the gift of a print, that print being the faithful witness of the real emotion of the artist who participated in the alchemy of the lithographic stone.

This exhibition is composed of more than 80 graphic works printed entirely in the Centro de Edición from 2005 to the present, having brought together a beautiful group of artists and human beings who worked to develop this project that we are so proud to display in this wonderful space so the viewer can enjoy each one of the works in the exhibition.

Each artist is a universe.

Each artist has a language, a passion, a message, and a feeling for you to contemplate and enjoy.” 

Natalia Giacchetta, Director, Centro de Edición 

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