Adriana Carambia & Artesanos Don Bosco

Often our awareness begins with an encounter with objects, people, ideas, or emotions that awaken our humanity. We notice details, we develop ideas, we feel our joy and pain, we are surprised, we live again, and we become aware of that mysterious awe and wonder when things happen.

This exhibition brings together Argentine artist Adriana Carambia, whose encounter with non-conventional materials inspire her to transform her ideas into works of art, and Artesanos Don Bosco, whose encounters with locals in remote villages of Peru, move them to give back to the community through the works of art created by the hands of artisans they mentor.

Carambia presents her Fragmentary series comprised of mixed-media on paper. Based on her background as a psychoanalyst, Carambia is driven to investigate the fragmentation of the human being, the body, and its connection to the world.

Artesanos Don Bosco, presents GARAC, a Quechua word meaning I GIFT YOU and also an acronym representing the Quechua words of the materials used by the artisans –- today, numbering 500 –to create their works. Each piece of furniture, wood and stone sculpture is created by hand using sustainable wood from the Amazon. The exquisitely carved pieces reflect a contemporary Italian concept with Incan and Meso-American influenced motifs. Each piece is a unique masterwork of art.