Dangerous Sculptures

Dangerous Sculptures by José Toledo Ordoñez
With my sculpture I intend to express who I am through the three great passions of my life: cars, animals, and art. God gave us dominion over the world. This means honoring it and not squandering its resources. My message is against the destruction of nature and the degradation of human relationships. I also intend to add a grain of sand to that battle of forms with fragile stability, which are in constant change and in continuous transition to new forms: the universe viewed through the course of time. I view my sculptures as models anxiously waiting to grow, aspiring to reach monumental proportions to have discussions with the light of day, interacting with urban spaces, and improving the quality of life by bringing art to the streets. I seek to find the monumentality of the pieces, not from their large scale, but rather from the energy they contain and the spirituality that emanates from them.