Anne-Lise Large


Born in 1982 in France, Anne-Lise Large is an internationally recognized photographer and professor of philosophy. She received a Doctorate in Philosophy and a Diploma from The Cinema and Photographic Department from the University of Strasbourg and Paris, France. In 2005, Anne-Lise Large created her first exhibition of photography, titled Ph(il/ot)o-graphie. Connecting photography with philosophy, the exhibit included photography paired with selected original writings of modern-day philosophers, creating a visual forum between photography, writing, and philosophy, allowing for creative interpretation from all areas of thought. To date, Anne-Lise has exhibited at national and international venues including the NKA gallery (Belgium), the French Institute of Dresden (Germany), the Gallery of François Miron during the “Month of Photography” in Paris, and the Festival of Photojournalism of Angers (France), where she showed her work on women in the city of Jerusalem entitled, “On the Other Side”. In addition, Anne-Lise’s work was selected for exhibition at the Museum Of Photography André Villers (France), which included a published catalog prefaced by Hélène Cixous, the famed French feminist writer and most recently at the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) in Washington, DC.