Inaugural Virtual Opening l Eduardo Cardozo
What We Choose to See – Uruguay
Thurs., July 22, 6:30-7:00 p.m. (EST)
Exhibition Dates: July 22 – October 1, 2021

Frontera, 2020, Oil, gold, pastel, fabrics, thread on fabric, 40.9 x 75.6 in

I consider fabric as a support for painting and its history, as a weave that sustains a history built by color and form. In this series, the fabric takes a leading role and goes to the foreground. On some of the works, I even call the technique “fabric on oil” or “oil under canvas”. This process started with the use of fabrics with which I cleaned my paint brushes, as well as fabric pieces of paintings that I never finished and fabrics that I never displayed. In addition to using fabrics as an archeology of my own history, to many weaves, I begin to deconstruct them, removing their threads so that the weave loses its orthogonality and begins to move. Suddenly, curved lines, folds, and corners appear making the weave more baroque. And it is those folds and corners that interest me the most because things get mysterious here -with shadows and lights that draw like lines and spots. This is where the conflict lives. I am especially interested in the edges of the image, on those limits where the painting begins to stop being a work of art and begins to be part of the world. I could also say that often -for me- fabric is like the skin that protects our body but also tells our story.”

Cardozo incorporates a variety of mediums in his paintings to achieve the textural surface and dimensional effects in each of his pieces. The artist deconstructs the canvas and transforms it into an organic medium where his shapes and colors interact with its surroundings. He begins with colored backgrounds and then establishes the line through the fracturing of the seam and then decomposes the image into an assemblage where the fabric and thread form the structures and volumes on the surface of the canvas.

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1965, he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 1990 and later traveled to Europe to expand his artistic training. Cardozo was awarded the Paul Cezanne grant to study in France and then continued his studies in Italy where learned engraving techniques under the renowned printmaker and founder of New York Workshop Luis Camnitzer. His work has been featured in dozens of private and public institutions and in the Americas and is in collections worldwide. His many awards and prizes are a testament to his artistic brilliance.

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